WTFog - Reusable Anti-Fog Cloths

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Prevent fogging on all types of eyewear. 30 packs come in dispenser box 100+ come as bulk packs. FREE SHIPPING ON ANY WTFOG ORDER! REUSABLE FOR 600 WIPES/6 MONTHS
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"What The Fog?!"

We've experienced it and we know you probably have too. Eyewear fogging up while wearing a mask is not only unpleasant and highly frustrating, but it can be dangerous for healthcare workers too. These new anti-fog cloths take all of the hassle out of de-fogging your eyewear with convenient, individually packed, reusable cloths so that you can just wipe and wear!

Each cloth is of a superior quality to others on the market and they come individually packed in a resealable pouch enabling a long useable life whilst reducing wastage. You can use these cloths for 600 wipes or 6 months, whichever comes first (Equivalent to £0.01 per use). If the cloth becomes dry then you can simply reactivate the solution by adding some water.

Healthcare work approved!


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SKU Description Unit Price Price Per Cloth
WTFOG-30-R0 Anti-Fog Cloths, Reusable For 600 wipes/6 Months, Dispenser Box 30/Pkt £180.00 £6.00
WTFOG-100-R0 Anti-Fog Cloths, Reusable For 600 wipes/6 Months, Bulk Pack, 100/Pkt £550.00 £5.50
WTFOG-1200-R0 Anti-Fog Cloths, Reusable For 600 wipes/6 Months, Bulk Pack, 1200/Pkt £6,000.00 £5.00
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