We now have an expanded range of styles, colours and locking configurations designed to help you identify your instruments, trays and carts as they move from sterilization to tagging areas to surgery. Our tags allow you to indicate special handling instructions, secure trays and carts from tampering and quickly identify priority instruments for repair and sterilization.

Our tags are available in a rainbow of bright colours for high-visibility and quick identification. We also offer sequentially numbered tags as well as tags with preprinted special handling instructions. Our Locking Tags are quick and easy to attach and remove, and can be easily adapted to your own specific coding needs. We also have Indicator Dot Locking Tags which change colour after exposure to steam sterilization.

- Locking Tags
- Indicator Dot Locking Tags
- Metal Tray Tags
- Smart Tags
- Scope Tags
- Breakaway Tags
- Write-On Tags®

The Breakaway Tags are available in a range of colours and can also be written on with permanent marker. They must be cut or broken to open, providing a secure lock.

Write-On Tags® and Smart Tags®were designed at the request of customers. Both tags allow you to write specific handling instructions on each tag when more detailed communication is necessary. These tags attach to instruments and trays with autoclavable ties and are larger and more visible than our other tags, ensuring that detailed instructions will be seen by all. Smart Tags® include detachable barcodes for even easier follow-up.

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