Flat Brushes

Advanced Medical Systems now supply a range of flat brushes specifically designed for hospital use in the pre-clean and preparation of instruments. The brushes are;

- Long and ergonomically designed handle permits ease of use.
- Adequate length of bristled section (70mm)
- The brushes fibres are transparent, allowing for quick verification of its cleanliness
- The plastic composition used to fabricate the handle will not release toxic components

The NEW Batrik flat brushes come in 4 types;

Extra Rigid - The instrument safe polyamide fibres offer steel-like rigidity and allow deep cleaning of soiled instruments, particularly in grooved or uneven surfaces.
Rigid - The rigidity of this brush, along with the length of the bristles and handle, improves and simplifies instrument cleaning.
Flexible - This brush is designed for large instruments that require a more gentle cleaning application such as optics, plastics or hard to reach spots which are easier to clean using a flexible bristle.
Extra Flexible - The very long bristles eliminate any stress during sanitation, and makes this the ideal brush for fragile instruments (optics etc) as well as both pliable and rigid endoscopes. The length of the bristles assist in cleaning areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach with shorter bristles, such as the accessory channel or tip deflection of pliable endoscopes.

The Standard brushes utilise a Polypropylene bristle for a firm stiffness.

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Batrik Flat Cleaning Brushes - Polyamide Bristles

Flat Brushes for use during the pre-clean and preparation of instruments. Available in 4 bristle stiffness type; Extra Rid, Rigid, Flexible, and Extra Flexible.

Standard Cleaning Brush - Autoclavable - Flat Handle

Standard Cleaning Brush - Autoclavable. Sturdy plastic handle with polypropylene bristles. Latex-free. Sold non-sterile.