Hygiene Requisites


The Sutherland range of Patient Hygiene sachets comprising single use, easy to open, sachets of shaving cream, shampoo & shower gel. Also available is a shave pack, containing 1 shave cream sachet and 1 disposable razor.

This range was developed at the request of NHS Supply Chain and NHS Infection Control departments to reduce the risk of cross infection on the wards. Many NHS trusts are now preventing shared bottles of shampoo etc on the wards, or even patients bringing in their own toiletries into the Hospitals as they desperately try to combat the spread of potential contamination.

There is increasing concern that infections can be spread throughout the community and introduced into hospitals. Therefore the Government strategy is now directed towards care homes and similar residential establishments. However, the products are equally appropriate for use in prisons, hotels and offices.

Single use sachets also make an important contribution to controlling costs and minimising wastage.

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Sutherland Hygiene Requisites

Shaving Cream; Shaving Foam; Shampoo; Shower Gel; Talc;