We offer a fantastic new range of cleaning products ideal for use in Endoscopy.

The PrAmLi Power3 Enzymes™ is a fantastic multi-enzyme pre-soak cleaner for medical equipment and instrumentation. The unique blend of enzymes are effective in the removal of all bioburden, blood, fatty tissue and more. It will also remove stains in surgical scrubs, linens and medical clothing.

Available in numerous convenient formats

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Cleaning Sponges with Enzymatic Detergents

Endoscope Cleaning Sponges with Detergent

Endoscope First Clean Wipes

Cleanroom wipes for the first wipe down of an endoscope.

Enviro-Sachet Enzymatic Gel

For effective surface and instrument pre-cleaning.

Enzymatic Detergents

Low Foam, Medium Foam, and Super Concentrate

Enzymatic Lube

PrAmLi Power3 Lube, natural corrosion inhibitor

Enzymatic Spray

32oz/1L Spray Bottle

Sontara General Wipes

Wipes for use across a wide range of applications. Absorbent, Low-linting, Tough and durable, solvent and chemical resistant, Contains no chemical binders, Great dirt pick up.