Endoscopy Cleaning Products

Advanced Medical Systems now supply products to suit all of your Endoscopy cleaning needs.

Brush Guidelines

If you are unsure of which channel brush best suits your needs then use the following simple steps to help.

Part 1 - Instrument Specifications
A. What is the maximum length of the instrument(s) to be cleaned?
Add at least 5cm to that length so that you have adequate length to work with.
B. What is the inner diameter of the instrument?
Add at most 3cm to determine the diameter of the bristle to ensure effective cleaning.
Note: The bristle diameter has to slightly exceed the inner tube diameter. Bristles that are too large will bend too much and will not clean effectively.
C. What strength bristles do you need? How tough is the dirt and how delicate are the instruments?
Nylon is the softest, with Polyester slightly stiffer, Polypropylene slightly stiffer than that and Delrin the stiffest.
Part 2 - Brush Selection
Now that you have identifies the answers to Part 1 A, B, and C please follow the links below to find the perfect brush for you.
- As a rule, if your present brush is 20.32cm in length and we only offer 25cm length with the correct diameter then that is generally fine

- In general our new brushes have more bristles than ever before which aid with more effective cleaning.

If you cannot find the perfect length or type of endoscope brush for your needs then please contact us here to find out more about what customisable brushes we offer.

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Single-Use Scope Cleaning Brush - ARC

Disposable scope cleaning brushes that are designed to be single use to ensure you are cleaning your scopes effectively.

Reusable Scope Cleaning Brush - DayBrush

Channel Cleaning Brushes that can be used to process up to 10 endoscopes before being discarded, meaning you can use a new one each day without the worry of whether the reusable brush is cleaning effectively, leading to savings.

Safe-Soak Endoscope Sponges

Safe-Soak Endoscope Sponges are specifically fabricated for use with all endoscopes.

Biopsy Valve Covers

Designed to fit perfectly on the Biopsy channel of your endoscope.