Disposable Channel Brushes

We can now supply the NEW Batrik disposable channel cleaning brushes, the DAYBRUSH and the ARC brushes. You no longer need to worry if your present reusable brush is cleaning effectively.

With the DAYBRUSH you can now process up to 10 endoscopes before you need to discard the brush, which means that you can use it for the entire day without problems.

The ARC brushes are designed to be single-use, with two materials available (Polypropylene, and Delrin)

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Reusable Scope Cleaning Brush - DayBrush

Channel Cleaning Brushes that can be used to process up to 10 endoscopes before being discarded, meaning you can use a new one each day without the worry of whether the reusable brush is cleaning effectively, leading to savings.

Single-Use Scope Cleaning Brush - ARC

Disposable scope cleaning brushes that are designed to be single use to ensure you are cleaning your scopes effectively.